Hungry after a long shift at work, 33-year-old Lavinia Kelly stopped at a Sacramento-area gas station for a snack on April 21.

She selected a bag of Doritos, and then drizzled them with nacho cheese.

Hours later, the fatigue hit. She woke up the next morning with double vision, and by that evening, she was vomiting and having trouble breathing, the Sacramento Bee reports.

She went to the emergency room, where doctors placed her on a ventilator and admitted her to the intensive care unit. Three weeks later, she's still there.

Kelly had contracted botulism, a rare but potentially fatal disease caused by a nerve toxin produced by certain types of Clostridium bacteria. People can contract the serious illness through home-canned foods, improperly commercially canned foods, cheese sauce, and foods held in warmers for extended periods of time, according to (That's why you're not supposed to eat ...