Jailbreak developer Elias Limneos has accomplished a feat with his jailbroken device that some are hoping will eventually be a standard feature on iPhones. He's made it so that his jailbroken iPhone responds to NFC-enabled devices. Thus far, Limneos has tested his hack with NFC-enabled tags, but the proof of concept holds promise for jailbroken iPhone users.

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In a brief video, the well-known developer showcases a jailbroken iPhone 6s interacting with an NFC-enabled tag. The phone promptly responds to the presence of the tag with a push notification identifying the tag.

Limneos states that his efforts, which consists of a small hack on the nfcd daemon, should work on any jailbroken device that is NFC-enabled. He's currently still digging deeper into NFC protocols, and working on managing read/write data.