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Nicole Kidman's unusual clapping technique at Oscars mocked online

Telegraph - 1 hour ago

Award ceremonies can be tough going. For the average Hollywood A-lister attending last night's Oscars, all that clapping must have been punishing work on the old hands. ...

In My Free Time I Illustrate Pokemon

Bored Panda - 3 days ago

Whenever I have some spare time and can't think of anything to draw, I always seem to come back to Pokemon. They're nostalgic and just fun to draw. Whenever I have some s...

This Chicken In A Tutu Dress Is The Most Adorable Therapy Pet Ever

Bored Panda - 3 days ago

Meet Darla, the therapy chicken in a tutu. She was rescued from an animal fair two years ago as one of the sickly chicks spotted by Erika Proctor and her son Finn. Procto...

Starving Dog Left To Die By Her Owners Becomes Friends With Firefighters, And Now They Hang Out Every Day

Bored Panda - 4 days ago

The New York City Fire Department station, known as Fort Pitt, fell in love with Ashley from the first wag of her tail. A beautiful sand-coloured pit bull, she has truly ...

I Spent 85 Hours Using Tweezers And 45k Beads To Made A Lion Portrait

Bored Panda - 4 days ago

Become a member Password reminder Hy, my name is Claudiu, I'm from Romania and I am 24 years old. I make handmade art since 2013. I started with 3d origami, also made a l...

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Use This Dad's 'X Plan' And Your Teen Will Always Have A Way Out Of A Bad Situation - 2 days ago

Peer pressure puts kids in tough spots. Often, young people are forced to do things they don't always want to do, because refusing would jeopardize their social standing,...

The Mothership: When nerds predict the Oscars

USA Today - 2 days ago

What happens when a bunch of nerds predicts the Oscars? They add a few of their own. In a very special episode of USA TODAY's geek culture podcast The Mothership, Brett a...

Powerful Hollywood women share tips on how to negotiate

USA Today - 2 days ago

LOS ANGELES - Hollywood is glamorous, but behind the velvet rope it's also a big business. At the Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party on Friday night, where stars incl...

Future Might Be Dropping a Third Album Next Week

XXL - 2 days ago

Atlanta superstar Future has dropped two albums, FUTURE and HNDRXX, in as many weeks, but now there are new reports saying he's dropping a third album next Friday as well...

21 Genius Ways To Track Your Mental Health

Buzzfeed - 3 days ago

So, we rounded up some ~bujo~ layouts perfect for tracking your mood, symptoms, medications, sleep, and anything else that can help you stay on top of or improve your men...

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Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' wins best picture in a wild ending

USA Today - 4 hours ago

The 89th Academy Awards featured a bizarre twist: Best Picture was accidentally awarded to the wrong film. Here's what you missed from the Oscars in 3 minutes. USA TODAY...

Jackie Chan brings two stuffed pandas as his Oscar dates

CNN - 44 mins ago

Jackie Chan arrived at the Academy Awards with two stuffed animal pandas The move was a gesture of support for UNICEF

Andrew Garfield Caught A Candy Parachute At The Oscars With Such Finesse It Was Inspiring

Buzzfeed - 2 hours ago

Viola Davis Becomes First African-American to Win Top 3 Acting Prizes

TheWrap - 6 hours ago

Viola Davis not only has an Academy Award - she's got a record for the history books, and walks a step closer to coveted EGOT status. By accepting Best Supporting Actress...

Oscars 2017: Winners list

USA Today - 4 hours ago

We'll be updating in real time as Oscar winners are announced. The 89th Academy Awards air live Sunday (ABC's coverage starts at 7 p.m. ET/4 PT). Winners listed in bold. ...

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Ben Simmons Officially Won't Play In The NBA This Season

Uproxx - 3 days ago

Bryan Colangelo announces Ben Simmons will not play this season. - Jake Fischer (@JakeLFischer) February 24, 2017 "The scan indicated there's not full healing in the bone...

The Cavs Might Have Finally Found Point Guard Help After The Trade Deadline

Uproxx - 4 days ago

LeBron James created some controversy in January when he said the Cleveland Cavaliers needed to acquire a playmaker. Things got so bad that James and Charles Barkley were...

Isaiah Thomas Shows That He Has Ups With This Windmill Jam

Uproxx - 2 days ago

Ever since Spud Webb, basketball fans have been enamored with people who are shorter than six feet tall dunking. The last short dunker who captivated us all was Nate Robi...

Gregg Popovich Says He Needs To 'Dry Out' After A Boozy Weekend In Los Angeles

Uproxx - Yesterday

Getty Image Legendary Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has become increasingly-adamant over the years about enjoying life away from basketball. He's gone on record as saying th...

The Ugly Feud Between Shaq And JaVale McGee Got Even More Personal

Uproxx - 3 days ago

Getty Image The NBA is better than every other sport at everything, including Twitter fights in the middle of the night involving a current player and a Hall of Famer tha...

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The Fed is worried about a key measure in the stock market

Business Insider - Yesterday

The Federal Reserve is worried that the stock market might be showing signs of complacency. The central bank's most recent communication -the Fed minutes for the January...

Why Do Offices Still Exist? - 3 days ago

Offices traditionally served as a place for people to get their work done, but since that isn't required anymore, what main purposes do they serve? In today's connected w...

The Fundamental Differences Between Leadership and Management - 4 days ago

Visionary leadership and great management achieves the best results. Seems obvious right? Then why do so many companies get it wrong, especially during times of needed ch...

The 1 Mindset Habit Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah All Share - 3 days ago

When you look at the most iconic leaders and entrepreneurs, it's easy to focus on the outward symbols of their success--acquisitions, IPO's or titles, for example. Yet it...

What the Snap IPO means for LA

Business Insider - Yesterday

There has been a lot of speculation around Snap's imminent IPO, whether the stock price will soar or fall, if the lack of voting power for the issued shares will make a ...

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How to watch NASA reveal a 'discovery beyond our solar system' on Wednesday

Business Insider - 2017.2.22

NASA is about to announce something big about worlds beyond our solar system. That's via a recent post on the space agency's website, which states that "NASA will hold ...

Theoretical battle: dark energy vs. modified gravity

Ars Technica - 2 days ago

Expansion driven by dark energy is now overwhelming the effect of gravity. Photograph by Copyright Nobel Media Two decades ago, scientists found that the Universe's expan...

Space Photos of the Week: This Is What the Oldest Light in the Universe Looks Like

Wired - 2 days ago

Slide: 1 /of 6 .Caption: This image combines two sets of data to show the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect within a dense galaxy cluster. The effect allows you to see what's le...

Check Out An Interactive Map of Every Dinosaur Fossil Found On Earth

Popular Mechanics - 3 days ago

The map lets you search by period, taxonomy and strata. Some engineers have created an interactive map to navigate the overwhelming amount of data created by the Paleobio...

Brian Cox: The LHC Disproves the Existence of Ghosts and the Paranormal

Futurism - 4 days ago

Looks like the Ghostbusters have some competition, and it's renowned physicist and science communicator Brian Cox. But rather than bust some ghosts, it looks like he's mo...

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Lucille Horn, Who Was Nursed To Health In A Coney Island Sideshow, Dies At 96

NPR - 2 days ago

When Lucille Horn was born in 1920, the odds of her managing to live out the year were long. A premature infant, Horn was just 2 pounds - small enough to be held in her f...

Mom carrying baby without brain to term - to donate the organs

CNN - 4 days ago

The baby's organs can be donated "Choice can mean life," Ryan Young wrote

Doctors Consider a Last Best Hope for Obese Teenagers: Surgery

New York Times - 3 days ago

If all goes well, Aliayha Carrasco-Garcia will have an operation next month that will change her life. She will shed many of the 240 pounds that now burden her 5-foot-2 f...

Here's How Hospitals Are Actually Making Us Sicker

Men's Health - 3 days ago

It seems counterintuitive, but the same place you go to get better when you're sick might actually be making you worse. At least, that's the conclusion one doctor reached...

Why therapists are having such a hard time talking about Trump

LA Times - 3 days ago

In her 35 years as a therapist, Arlene Drake has never heard so many clients talking about the same issue. Week after week, they complain of panic attacks and insomnia be...

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